Night of the Candy Creepers

It’s Halloween and you’re out for the night,
Not quite realizing you’re in for a fright.
The candy creepers have come to town,
And they are going to gobble your candy down.

The candy creepers are masters of disguise, but boy are they in for a big surprise. A fun Halloween book sure to bring back fond childhood memories with a surprise ending! Delightfully illustrated by Rob Peters.

Night of the Candy Creepers for Nook, iBook, and Kindle

  • Enhanced with animation and sound effects.
  • Fixed layout presentation that mirrors the visual reading experience found in a printed picture book.
  • Read along narrated by Sari Zalesin.

Night of the Candy Creepers Halloween Book Reviews

My kids totally loved this story. The illustrations grabbed the attention of my son immediately. The topic captivated my daughter's attention. We loved the rhythmic pattern of this story. It is completely entertaining and perfect for children aged 4-8. Excellent Halloween story! - The Stuff of Success,

This is a very fun book at Halloween. The little boy has a suspicion that someone (candy creepers) are after his trick or treat candy only to discover... I won't give it away. My daughter and I loved reading it together. The read-aloud is also really well done. - MommaLvsReading, Barnes & Noble