Bye, Bye Boogieman

Does your child fear the creatures of night? Well, here’s a little girl who is up for a boogeyman fight! This rip-roaring fun story will transform any child who is spooked by monsters in the closet or under the bed into rulers of their rooms. After taking a few lessons from little LeAnne, they will never fear that nasty boogeyman again.

Magical Monster Mist

Learn how to make you own magical monster mist to ward away creature of the night.  It only works if you say the magic words.

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Bye, Bye Boogeyman Reviews

Loved this tale in which a spunky little girl named Leanne turns the tables on the Bogeyman that is hiding under her bed. She plunks him on the head with a baseball bat as he emerges. Then she surprises him by spraying him with her special Magic Monster Mist potion, assuring him that she is not scared. Leanne engages him a series of activities that will send him into permanent retreat from her room.

This is a wonderful book to encourage any young child who has night tremors. The rhymes are crisp and clever; the illustrations convey the serious message in a humorous way. Recommended for everyone but particularly suited for four through seven year olds. -, Barbara Ann

I read this to my grandchildren and they loved it. I had to read it three times in one sitting for them. Funny and entraining. They wanted to make the monster spray at the end. Thanks for the recipe. -,  Holmand